Ceramic Techniques

Stuart’s ceramic pots are all hand thrown on an electric potter’s wheel. He uses very high quality porcelain, Valentine Royale, throughout his work. Once a pot is thrown Stuart refines the shape by turning. This involves putting a semi-dried pot back on the wheel and using sharp tools to remove clay in certain areas. Stuart prefers to limit turning so that the ridges that naturally occur when clay is used on the wheel, remain. Once a pot is completely dry it has a bisque firing up to 1000 degrees. The next stage is to glaze the ware.  Stuart likes to maintain a neutral colour pallet consisting of a very pale green (celadon), a white glaze that is close to the colour of the clay body and a very dark, lustrous brown (tenmoku). The glaze firing reaches 1280 degrees centigrade so that the clay has almost turned to glass or vitrified. All Stuart’s pots are ovenproof.

Stuart Houghton Pottery