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White Gold – Porcelain at Nantgarw

White Gold Exhibition


I am delighted to be invited to exhibit at Nantgarw, a museum on the site of porcelain works dating back to the early 19th century close to Cardiff in West Glamorgan, Wales.

The show comprises work by fifteen potters using porcelain – my favourite clay – and shows how the qualities of  porcelain can be used to create a wide range of effects.

The show opens on Saturday, 31st May at 2pm, it would be lovely to welcome as many of you as are able; a talk by potter, Carys Davies follows the official opening at 3pm.

Nantgarw  China Works

The event continues, with workshop events programmed, until 17th August 2014, I hope you’ll enjoy a visit. For directions take a look at the museum website.